Family School Liaison Counsellor

Family School Liaison Counsellor


Family Liaison Counsellor - Sahia Hayes-Sparks


Hello! My name is Sahia Hayes-Sparks and I am the Family School Liaison Counsellor at Heritage Christian Academy for the 2020/2021 school year. As a Registered Social Worker with a Masters in Clinical Social Work Practice, I look forward to serving HCA families as we transition back to school this year.

FSLCs provide counselling support to students and families and when appropriate, we also direct families to outside services. In many cases, we provide support and information through consultation and may make referrals to agencies such as; Mental Health, psychological services, medical clinics, and social services. In addition to counselling, we offer classroom presentations on various topics aimed at supporting student’s mental, emotional, social and behavioural wellness so that they may achieve their optimal potential in all areas.

Some of the areas in which we support students and their families include:

  • Family Relationships: separation/divorce, blended families, sibling conflict, grief & loss
  • Social Relationships: peer pressure, social skills, bullying, friendship
  • Emotional concerns: anxiety, stress, anger management, depression, self esteem, substance abuse, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts
  • Spiritual concerns: moral choices, questions about God or the Bible, feelings of guilt or shame, struggling with forgiveness


How Services are Accessed...

Counselling is accessed on a referral basis. Teachers, principals, and parents may refer students about whom they have concerns, and parents must give their permission for services to commence, at which point an intake appointment will be scheduled.  At times, a student may seek out counselling personally, in which case, we are able to meet with a child once before a referral by a parent or teacher is given and an intake appointment and parental consent is provided.

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