Shopping Rewards

Enrol for monthly orders
It's Easy to Offset HCA Activity Fees for Music, Athletics, Options and more!

By ordering gift cards for things you already buy (groceries, gas, shopping, eating out, entertainment) you can help offset the cost of HCA Activity fees including music (tours, instrument rentals, workshops), athletics (team fees, equipment rentals), Jr & Sr High options fees, and more.

Encourage your family and friends to order as well and they can designate the credits toward your child(ren). 

List of Retailers 
Order form (fillable excel doc.)  OR  Order form (print and fill out)

How it Works
Families subscribe to the Shopping Rewards program and submit their gift card orders either for the entire school year or on a monthly basis. Please click on the link below for the list of Retailers and the Order Form. 100% of the Shopping Rewards accrue in an account for your specified student(s).

  • It does not cost you anything to join.
  • There is no obligation to order monthly.
  • Order as much or as little as you like.
  • You can use them for your own personal or family shopping or as birthday gifts, appreciation gifts, Christmas gifts, company or client giveaways/incentives or rewards.
  • Gift cards do not expire unless specified.
  1. Fill out the order form with your full name and contact information and indicate the Student's Name and Grade to whom you want the credits to go to. (You may specify more than one student (ie: siblings)
  2. The deadline to submit the monthly order form is around the 1st of each month. An email reminder will be sent out with the deadline dates. 2019/2020 DATES:  Monday, SEPTEMBER 9 | Tuesday, OCTOBER 1 | Friday, NOVEMBER 1 | Friday, NOVEMBER 29 |  Monday, JANUARY 6  |  Monday, FEBRUARY 3  |  Monday, MARCH 2  |  Monday, APRIL 6  |  Friday, MAY 1  |  Tuesday, JUNE 2
  3. Please enclose your cash/cheque payment with the order form and drop it off at the HCA Office. Make cheques payable to Heritage Christian Academy and put "Shopping Rewards" on the MEMO field (bottom left hand side of the cheque.) If the form and payment are placed inside an envelope, please write "Shopping Rewards" on the envelope for easy recognition. It is recommended that you email the Shopping Rewards Coordinators after dropping it off at
  4. If you are ordering for the whole school year, please include post-dated cheques payable to Heritage Christian Academy for the 1st of each month (Sept - June) and drop them off at the HCA Office Reception.
  5. The gift cards will be available for pick-up around the first week of each month at the HCA Office Reception. An email will be sent out to advise everyone who placed an order. 
  6. You may enrol extended families, friends and/or co-workers to earn even more for your child(ren)'s Music and/or Athletic account. (Gift cards must be picked up at the school.) Please ensure that they indicate your child’s full name on each order form.
  7. When you want to redeem your credits to apply to HCA Activity Fees, please send an email to for processing.

For more information or any suggestion & comment, please email:
Nola Sinanan and Marita Ladic at
Shopping Rewards Program Coordinators/Volunteers