At Heritage Christian Academy we are committed to developing Christian character and a heart for service in our students.

Our goal is to help students understand that the Bible is God’s revelation to humanity we want to equip them with knowledge so that they know why they believe what they believe. 

Our Kindergarten to Grade 6 students learn to love God, themselves and others through Biblical stories and activities about creation, old testament stories, the Christmas story, the Character of Jesus, the Fruits of the Spirit, Easter and Noah’s Ark.

Junior High students are encouraged to process information and think critically in the context of a biblical worldview to equip them for the pressures and challenges that adolescence carries.

In Senior High we expect our students to challenge one another as well as themselves into a deeper understanding of God’s desire for love, compassion, and service in all aspects of their lives. With an emphasis on leadership development, we encourage students to see leadership as a privilege and an opportunity to serve whether in the home, local church, the classroom or the boardroom. To support the vision of leadership development,  we offer a mentorship program so that students from the higher grades have the opportunity to mentor those who are younger.