Heritage Christian Education Society Calgary

HCESC is a non-profit organized for the purpose of providing Christian Education. The membership of HCESC is composed of people who openly support the purpose of HCESC and the mission of Heritage Christian Academy.

The purpose of the HCESC is 'To facilitate the ongoing mission of Heritage Christian Academy as an evangelical, Christian school by fostering excellence, providing leadership in educating students in partnership with parents, and stewarding the resources entrusted to us by God.

Responsibilities of the HCESC include the Christian Education component of the school as well as the facility ownership, maintenance and improvements.


Society Board members are elected individuals who are passionate and skilled to provide leadership and see that the mission and vision of Heritage Christian Academy is realized.

Dale Wiebe - President
Keith Van der Kamp - Vice_President
Pieter DeWaal - Treasurer
Bruce Gilkes - Board Member
Edwind Uy - Board Member
Ann Webb - Board Member

There are a number of society staff employed by the HCESC to provide on-site support for the responsibilities of the society.

Brenda Giroux - Executive Director
Archie Mark - Finance Director
Jen Airhart - Communications Director &
                   Development Officer
Jennifer Wiebe - Enrolment Officer &
                         Office Administrator
Shannon Dean - Discipleship Pastor
Lyle Spence - Facility Co-ordinator
Juan Monge - Facilities
Andy Holland - Facilities


Society Calendar

Following is the calendar for HCA Board and Committee meetings.

Society Members (Parents) are welcome to attend monthly board meetings and are encouraged to contact the Executive Director, Brenda Giroux, if interested in attending meetings or possibly joining the board or a committee.