BOUNDLESS - Ireland 2018


Wow what a full 2 days of ministry and another one tomorrow.

The students were immersed in the school - giving testimonials and meeting for discussion with 14-17 year olds, they worked with 3-12 year olds in children’s ministry, engaged in prayer walks, served those in poverty and so much more.

In fact we saw God work in many ways - one of which was filling the Christian Union at the school with many new student faces, God is opening doors to new ministry opportunities - ie:  return to the school to meet with more students and we are adding a second youth event to tomorrow evening at the request of a youth leader who met up with us in Drumcliffe and I could go on but ask a student when we return for more:).

Please pray for us tomorrow as we return to the school and CEF and help with the two youth events mentioned.  Pray for God's presence to abound, pray for boldness, pray for health and strength.

We have many great stories to tell but will have to wait until we get better service or return home!

Thanks for walking with us and joining us in prayer.

In Christ,
Team Boundless 


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