The High School music program program at HCA consists of Senior Band, Senior Choir, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, Percussion Ensemble and Rev7 (our student led worship team). Under the direction of Mr. Airhart the High school music ensembles have received numerous awards at competitions throughout Canada and the United States. The majority of High School Students are involved in the music program in one way or another.

Senior Band
Senior Band classes are scheduled for Grade 10 students on day 1 at 7:10 am and again during a regularly scheduled daytime class. Grade 11 & 12 band students meet at 7:20 am on days 1, 3 & 5.

Senior Band students are chosen to take part in the Senior Music tour based on attendance, skill and desire. Annual tours take place each spring and the focus of tour rotates through a 3 year schedule: a ministry tour, a national competition and international competition.

Senior Choir
Senior Choir is a regularly scheduled class in the student timetable. Aside from local concerts and opportunities to perform, Senior Choir students may be chosen to take part in the spring tour based on their attendance, skill and desire as well as Mr. Airhart's need for a well balanced sound.

Jazz Band & Vocal Jazz
Jazz Band and Vocal Jazzare the elite groups of the music program. Interested students are auditioned at the end of the previous school year. Rehearsals fall within the regular timetable and, due to the smaller size and high quality of these ensembles, there are usually a variety of opportunities to perform each year - including the annual HCA fundraising event and Graduation ceremony.

Percussion Ensemble
If rhythm and drumming are up your alley, then the percussion ensemble is for you! Using everything from garbage cans to snare drums and a variety of assorted percussion instruments to create a fun, exciting and often loud experience.


Rules: Performance Dress

Here is a documentation of the performance dress rules during performances and/or competition.

Performance Dress Rules v1